Grace Community Church Women's Ministries

Well, we’re less than one week into the launch of our new blog site for Women’s Ministries at Grace and I’ve already offended.

I have used words to wound rather than lift. Exactly what I said I would not do.

HumblePieIn the very first post, I thoughtlessly (and please believe me, unintentionally) ridiculed the work and long-held traditions of many who have been at Grace for so many years –women who have sacrificed time with their families and lost sleep over the details of the ministries that God has laid on their hearts to fulfill.

I have disrespected you and I’m sorry.

I use the word “disrespect” a lot, mostly when I am talking about confrontation. In fact, I use it so much that, not too long ago I asked the Holy Spirit to help me figure out why that particular word is so much a part of my vocabulary. As I searched Scripture, I learned that the word “respect” appears 204 times in the Bible and has to do with honoring something for what it truly is –seeing and understanding its unique features, purpose, and worth.

We all want to be seen for who we are and be appreciated for what we do.

I’ve failed to do that on several levels early into our launch of new strategies for women’s ministries here at Grace. I’ve failed to see clearly the value that each one of us brings to the table.

So, to all those women who make things beautiful, those who use their hands to craft things that demonstrate their love, I apologize. I’m sorry I disrespected you with examples I used in an earlier post. I failed to recognize and share the great value that you add to the whole.

I will choose my words more carefully and show greater respect.

And if I slip and take a step backward, I look to you to hold me accountable.


  • Diane Loustale

    Dee, I felt you were saying we have a new generation of women who care much more about relationships than crafting, and because so many are working, we don’t have the time our mothers and grandmothers had. It did not sound at all disrespectful in my opinion! Just a different way, a different time. I am so impressed with all you are doing for Grace women. This will be a huge blessing to many of us. Thank you for your hard work!

  • Lora Tomei

    Thank you for this humble addendum to your first post, Dee! I’m relatively new to the Grace family & dialing in more than Sunday morning is a brand new experience for me. While I wasn’t necessarily offended by your views, it did feel a bit like the opinion was out there that those who find crafting & decor to be a form of “cozy therapy” were somehow less deserving of deliberation. Guess I may be a mix of “crafty mama” with many of the characteristics you listed (it was as though you were looking straight into my heart with the “They Care Deeply About” section) I love the deep intellectual stuff, but appreciate tablecloths as well 🙂 At any rate, it’s clear that a great deal of thought, consideration, and hard work has gone into this new direction for Women’s Ministry & I am super excited to be part of it!

  • Louise Workman

    What a remarkable woman you are, to approach
    this matter so openly, and with a heart to learn and care and reach out with
    healing words.

  • Dee WIlls

    This is indeed a growing space and I thank all of you for your gentle correction, grace, and wisdom. Let’s do wonderful things together in the name of Jesus.