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We will do our best to make sure that the books recommended on the COMISSIONED site are well worth the time and money you may decide to invest in them. I chose the first few books presented in the Book Club. From here on out, we will use a team approach to decide which books we will feature.

Here’s how it will work…

The COMISSIONED team will consider several books for review. One book will then be chosen for its potential to deliver sound Biblical teaching, present realistic strategies for on-purpose living, or provide you with inspiration for embracing authenticity. Then, we will recruit a small group of women to read our top pick for the month.

For our part, we will furnish our Readers with a copy of the book and check in with them from time to time to see how they are doing. After reading the book, our ReadeThumbs Uprs will provide us with their answers to four key questions:
1. What did you like most about the book?
2. What did you like least about the book?
3. What did the book teach you?
4. Would you recommend the book to your best friend?

One of the COMISSIONED team members will then write a book review based on the Readers’ responses. If the consensus is a Thumbs Up, the book will be included in the Book Club list. If not…well, you get the point.

All COMISSIONED book reviews will be posted.

Calling All Readers…

If you would like to be a Book Club reader, visit our Facebook page and watch for an invitation to join the next COMISSIONED Book Club Readers group. Then wait for a response from Paige, our Facebook manager. She’ll arrange for you to receive a free copy of the book you’ll read for us.

We won’t be able to include everyone who responds every time, so don’t delay in throwing your hat in the ring when you see the invitation. It’s a “first come, first selected” process with one small caveat –in the interest of fair play we may reserve the right to give priority to those who have not yet served as readers.

If you have a favorite book that you’d like us to consider for review, please let us know by leaving a comment here. Include the book’s title, the author, and a brief summary of what the book is about.

Let’s discover some great books together!

  • Colleen

    Count me in for the book club.