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If you’re what I call a “Yes Ma’am” and agree to all requests for your time and talents before thinking them through, then you’ll pull some gems from this book. If not, you may want to take a pass on Lisa Terkeurst’s The Best Yes.Thumbs Horizontal2

The tagline on the back of Terkeurst’s book reads, “Are you living with the stress of an overwhelmed schedule and aching with the sadness of an underwhelmed soul?” If you answered “yes” to that statement, then this book may be a good read for you. It presents useful tools, checklists, and criteria to consider before making decisions.

One CO*MISSIONED reader writes,

“The challenging part for me is that there are so many GOOD things to do. And, generally, I want to do them ALL. It’s sometimes hard for me to find what the BEST things are & this is where even good things can create stress if there are too many.”

You may be drinking a triple shot espresso after staying up all night to finish a school paper, carpooling kids to and from practice while shoveling apples and peanut butter into them, volunteering at a local shelter, serving at church, and working multiple jobs to make ends meet. These are all important activities. So, how do you figure out which to say” yes” to and which to politely decline? How do you find the “Best Yes”?

If you’ve got this figured out, congratulations! People like me wish we had that skill (I’m still learning). So, while you may not relate to this book, you may consider reading it if you need a good reminder to rely on God and give yourself a reality check that you are serving as Jesus calls us to do –rather than filling your time with just doing.

Another CO*MISSIONED reader put it this way,

“I kept asking myself why I wasn’t relating to this topic and I guess it’s because I already practice these things…What it did do is remind me that we must rely on God, prayer, and how we are shaped to serve BEFORE we commit to something. It was also a reminder that doing nothing is not an option, we must all serve in some capacity.”

The point is, when the world gets wild and crazy and cruel (and it will!) where do you run? I encourage you to ask yourself these questions in the midst of both big and small decisions:

  • What are you currently saying yes to?
  • Do you enjoy what you’re saying yes to?
  • Are you serving or just doing?
  • Is Jesus getting your BEST yes?

The Best Yes can help you learn how to navigate through the crossroads of both challenging and every day decisions, and help you find strategies to give Jesus your best yes. Once you give HIM that, everything else will fall into place.

“Whenever you say yes to something, there is less of you for something else.”
– Louie Giglio, Author