Grace Community Church Women's Ministries
I am not a huge fan of Mother’s Day. Let me rephrase that. I actually love the concept of a day set aside to honor the hard and wonderful nurturing work that women do, but here in the U.S. we've gone far afield of what was originally intended by those…

There's nothing like being smack-dab in the middle of a drought to make you appreciate the blessings of abundant water, right? Yep, the water situation here in California is serious. Our reservoirs are dry and our groundwater supply is compromised. Things don't look good. bad as things look in…

We see them every day. Homeless men and women weighed down by over-stuffed backpacks, pushing shopping carts liberated from local grocery stores or baby strollers jerry-rigged to hold the sum total of their belongings. They spend their days getting together enough money to eat and wandering the streets and shopping…