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SAVE THE DATE. Chico’s annual Walk 4 Water is coming up!!Just babies carrying water

The Walk is coordinated by Bridging The Gap, a Chico-based non-profit organization that raises money and awareness for clean water in developing countries. Founder Shirley Adams works her fingers to the bone raising money for the cause she cares so much about.

We’ve talked about this before… More than 750,000 million people in the world don’t have access to clean water. Mothers watch their children die because the dirty water their little ones drink makes them sick. Millions more have access to marginally drinkable water but have to walk many miles every day to collect it. For many women and children, this is a daily chore that diverts precious hours from school or cottage businesses that feed the family. Volunteers with big hearts drill new wells to provide clean water to villagers, but progress is slow and children continue to die.

So, let’s help. Let’s Walk 4 Water on March 5, 2016.

Gather up your friends and family and spend the morning doing something incredibly worthwhile. The nominal registration fees help to fund the drilling of new wells and what’s so great about the Walk4Water is that it helps us experience first-hand the walk for water that many women and children in developing countries take every day. After checking in at the starting point, you’ll carry a bucket to a half-way point along the walking route, fill it with water, then return to the starting point. Along the route you’ll stop at educational stations that provide information about the world’s clean water issues. You’ll stop at ALL of them because it’s the only respectable excuse for putting your bucket down for a minute.

Oh, I almost forgot… Shirley needs more volunteers to plan and host this year’s walk. Send Shirley an email at if you can help out with planning, registration stuff, or managing the wonderful noisy army of walkers that will be at Bidwell Park on March 5. 

We’ll post more information when the Walk4Water registration link is up. For now, visit the Bridging the Gap Facebook page for more information about what Shirley and the Bridging the Gap crew is up to.