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Because getting together on Sundays just isn’t enough….

The first followers of Jesus, often referred to as disciples, learned from Jesus by spending time with Him, traveling with Him, listening to Him, and observing how He lived His life. Over time, they came to trust Him as their Lord and Savior and then became disciple-makers as they taught others what they themselves had learned from Jesus. And, God’s church grew.

Here at Grace, we  regularly come together to learn to love and live more like Jesus, and help others do the same. We call these Growth Groups. It is within these groups that we spend time studying God’s Word, praying together, and applying God’s truths to everyday situations. Growth Groups provide safe, encouraging environments where conversations can go deeper than in a large group setting.

We maintain a large network of Growth Groups and each one is a little bit different. Let us help you find the perfect Growth Group for you. Contact Adult Ministries Lead Ed Krzyzek to learn about becoming part of a Grace Growth Group.

Resources for Growth Groups

Check out Right Now Media to access a large streaming library of Bible study videos and visit the Group Resources page.

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