Global Missions

We are committed to serving as God’s ambassadors in a world that is characterized by overwhelming need and deep despair.

Mission Partnership in SIERRA LEONE, Africa

In 2007, we began a mission in the small village of Tissana, located in the Republic of Sierra Leona, Africa. Working with village leaders, we established a church, a school, and a medical clinic to serve the people of Tissana. In 2016, we joined Willamette International and West Africa Partners to care for orphans from the Tissana region who, along with 3,000 other children, lost their parents as a result of the 2014-2016 Ebola outbreak. Regularly, teams of Grace volunteers travel to Tissana to provide medical care, support teachers, and minister to those who care for the children who now live at the orphanage. If you would like to learn more about the Tissana Mission or join the traveling missions team, please contact Pastor Dave Workman

SMILE BULGARIA – Global Outreach International

We partner with Global Outreach International to make a positive difference in the lives of Bulgaria where thousands and thousands of orphaned children live in institutions. Smile Bulgaria opens family-based homes that place 6-8 children with committed house parents; providing a safe, loving, supportive home setting for them. For more information, go to: