Mission, Vision, Values

Our Vision  (Who We Are):

We are disciples of the Good News of Jesus Christ in our city and throughout the world.

Our Mission  (What We Do):

We seek to know, show, and share the Gospel in all of life and help others do the same for God’s glory and the good of the world.

Our Values:

The Gospel Changes Everything

God’s love for us is powerful, active, and forever. We find our identity in Him and gladly release everything we have for His good purposes.

Life is best lived in Community

We grow best and help others grow more effectively when we are part of a caring community. 

Transformation is real

Knowing and trusting in the Gospel changes who we are and what we do. We are transformed in character, perspective, and purpose.

We have a mission

When we commit our lives to Jesus, our priorities shift and we reorder our lives around sharing and showing the Gospel to others.


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